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When you’re considering a construction project, there are many elements to take care of. The land, the materials, the plans, the law, and your needs. But as with many things in life, there is also plenty of paperwork to be done. And it’s not something you can rush. Planning permission is something that is always carefully considered by a local authority, and it often takes them many weeks to come to a decision. If your plans are not good enough, they’ll be refused, and then you may have to make changes you weren’t originally thinking of. 

Worse, you may have to delay your project for months to take account of the feedback you’ve been given. And if that happens, then you might even be forced to cancel your project, or your circumstances may change in such a way that you can no longer continue. 

The chances of refusal are high if you don’t use professional architects to create your application. This is because there are a variety of steps that need to be followed. Sometimes your neighbours can object to an application, and this can be on a whole range of grounds. And there is usually a consultation period where planning applications are made public for all to see. This means you’ll want to make sure that everything has been done properly. 

And there is no better solution to that problem than finding an architectural services firm to consult with you and submit the application on your behalf. That’s what KS Design Studios offer. Whether you’re planning a simple extension, a new build, redesigning the interior of your home, or creating an outdoor structure, we will be able to ensure your plans have the best possible chance of being accepted by your local authority. 

This will involve a visit to your property to see what can be achieved, the drawing up of the plans, and then the submission of the application. The local authority will take time to process it, and part of this procedure typically involves the local planning officer visiting your home to take photographs and assess the building. 

The key to remember is that the more details you include on the application, and the more specific you can be about how you will build it, what materials you will use, and how the structure will be used, the more likely you are to receive consent. But even with these matters taken care of, you’ll still need to make sure that there are no hidden rules and regulations that could derail your project. That’s why it is important to get professional help and advice. We will make sure that all of these areas are covered for you. 

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