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Beyond the design and construction of a building, there are also laws specifying what can be done with a pre-existing building and the purposes that they can be used for. These include dealing with the Land Registry, and special rules based on whether you’re using the building for retail and if so, what you are selling inside it. These can be difficult to navigate through on your own, particularly if you’ve never had any experience doing so. And if you already run a business in the property you’d like to have work done on, then you probably won’t have the time to deal with all of these aspects on your own.

Even if you are only putting a new sign on the front of your shop, or are selling a new style of product in your store, you still need to go through your local planning authority to gain consent. For example, if the land your building is on is being added to or subtracted from during sale or development, precise measurements will need to be made and sent to the Land Registry for record-keeping purposes. Or if you own a dining establishment and you’re upgrading the kitchen, you will need to file detailed plans to cover this. All of this cost time and money that you may not be willing to spend, especially if you’re unsure of how to get the paperwork done. 

There are also other requirements to consider. Assessments have to be performed if there is any chance of flooding in the area, and some buildings are listed, which limits the extent to which they can be changed. All of these must be taken into account whenever you’re making updates or alterations within spaces that you own. And to get it right, you will need to focus consistently on every single detail until the whole project is completed, which could take weeks or even months, depending on how complicated it is. 

But there is a way to avoid all of this potential pain, and that is to hire an architectural services company that specialises in all of the laws regarding alterations. KS Design Studios is exactly that. We have an in-depth knowledge of the architectural industry and the different stages that projects move through. And we know which laws will apply to which parts of your project. This is information that has taken years of training and experience to understand. So as much as you may want to take on this work yourself, and stay in control of the process, it is not something that you can reasonably do without causing yourself more problems further down the line. The laws surrounding licensing and construction can easily catch you out if you’re unaware of all the special provisions.

That’s why we make ourselves available to you for legal and licensing services. We will handle all of the research and applications so that you don’t have to. We will make sure that we understand what your intentions are, and we will work on your behalf so that you get the consent you need to make the changes you want. And if the law prevents you from doing what you’d originally planned, you’ll be able to consult with us on what your options are. 

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