Garage Conversions

If you’re looking for extra space in your home, you might have considered a garage conversion. Instead of a plain space where nothing can be done other than parking a car and storing some tools, it can become a whole new room in your home. It already has the walls and the foundations so there’s no need to do massive work that could disrupt your everyday living. That makes garage conversions an attractive proposition if you’d like to add another room to your home, without having a home extension. It could be a study area, a home office, a spare bedroom for visitors or an office where you can focus on your work without interruption. The choice is yours. 

However, if you’ve had the idea of converting your garage, there are some important things to keep in mind. A garage is created for the specific purpose of housing vehicles, not for use as a living space. That means you can’t usually make a few small adjustments on your own. Lots of alterations will need to be made. And not just the physical ones. You might need to contact your local authority and propose it to them, which means possibly securing planning permission and meeting any other legal obligations.

It also means your garage conversion will have to satisfy inspectors and neighbours adjacent to your property. That’s because any building project that requires permission is made publicly available in the form of plans so that all the relevant individuals can check to see what is going on. It’s at that point that you may have to deal with unexpected objections or concerns. 

Plus, there are a wide variety of changes you’ll have to make which includes the lighting, the wiring, the heating, and of course entrances and exits. This means you’ll need to work toward a specific design to ensure the project is manageable. You’ll also have to make sure that workers can follow the plans without any confusion. And the answer to all of these concerns is hiring an architect. 

At KS Design Studios, we have the knowledge and experience to make your garage conversion a reality, without getting caught up in obscure planning laws or having trouble with the design. We will create the necessary plans for you, and cooperate with you to make a design that makes the best possible use of the space. We will also help with submitting all of your documents and managing the project so that your builders can follow the plans closely. By doing this, we increase your chances of gaining consent for your garage conversion, and we reduce the burden that’s placed upon you when you undertake a project of this kind. 

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