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Building projects are not just commissioned by individuals on a small patch of land with a limited budget. They can also be done at a commercial level, directed and managed by companies, investors and entrepreneurs. At this scale, projects might include historical conservation work, constructing a new block of social housing, or creating a shopping mall. Usually, the client will develop a detailed brief that needs to be followed. And at this level, there can be a large amount of money changing hands, and a significant reputation at stake. So it’s important that everything is done in line with the specifications the client has set out. 

That’s where architects like KS Design Studios come in. Major projects with considerable budgets and requirements still need to be designed and constructed in line with the same rules and regulations that govern smaller projects. Whether it is one person building a small home extension, or a professional company creating a housing development, the same procedures must be adhered to, and the same laws must be obeyed. 

In the commercial context, that means designing properties that complement the style that exists in the area, are structured in a way that meets their stated purpose, and have no unnecessary omissions or additions. Buildings must also consider their environment, nearby local facilities, and potentially the opinions of local people if a consultation period is part of the project. This means that a lot of different stakeholders and objectives need to be satisfied. 

To accomplish this, the only way is to hire a qualified architectural services firm. Even with plenty of resources, a construction firm at the ready, and plenty of legal advice, any project that involves large buildings will require architects to create a design that meets the needs of the client and does not negatively affect any other individuals or groups. 

Only at that stage can all the paperwork be filed with the local authority. But this is not just drawings for planning applications permission. Commercial projects involve a range of contracts between contractors and clients, along with multiple purchases of materials and the hiring of equipment, plus varying deadlines for different stages of the project. That is why, if required, we also take responsibility for the overall management of the project so that throughout all of the complexity, the original designs are faithfully followed as you would wish. 

All of this means that if you are a person or business that is going to undertake commercial construction, it is almost guaranteed that you will need to hire an architect to do so. This is not something you can treat as a convenience, because if you do, then you may find that your money and reputation is put at risk. Every significant project needs a vision to aim for, and that’s what KS Design Studios will provide you with, along with making sure all the details add up to match.

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A boutique design studio created 2 years ago by Keira Soares. With over a decade of architectural and creative experience. Specialising in residential architectural planning and having a passion for graphic design.

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