Building Regulation Drawings

If you are planning a construction project that looks set to be complicated and lengthy, then it’s quite likely you’ll need to have extra drawings made to satisfy the local authorities. These are known as building regulations drawings. They are required to demonstrate that a proposed project will comply with all of the legislation regarding construction. This is why any new builds usually submit a full plan application. Without doing that, your local authority will typically put in a formal request to receive building regulation drawings after they’ve approved the plans. 

So whichever path you follow, you need to make the right impression and satisfy the standards that have been set out by the appropriate authorities. If you don’t you may be refused consent to build until you make the necessary adjustments to your building plans. 

Building regulations drawings specify both the materials and the methods that will be used during the construction process. The reason they are asked for is so that the local planning authority can cross-reference it with all of the local and national planning laws. To do that, every specific detail needs to be accounted for. And that can only happen when you know the answers to these questions. 

There is also another important consideration. If the local authority does not ask you for building regulations drawings, you may still need them when you decide to sell the building. This is because a completion certificate will often be required to justify to a buyer that the property has complied fully with all of the building regulations. The law has also been updated in the last decade to state that local authorities must give these certificates when they are satisfied that a building has met the rules. They need to provide you with this within 8 weeks. 

However, the planning, design, and construction phases can only run smoothly if you have got building regulations drawings from a professional. They are not something you can do yourself, as they require many complex details. And the local authority will visit the construction site regularly throughout the project to ensure that the regulations are being followed to the letter every step of the way. This includes the foundations of the property, the drainage, and concrete flooring, but there are many more elements that need to be considered.

This is why KS Design Studios has decided to offer this valuable service. We will draw up the plans in consultation with you. At all times, we will use our knowledge of the law and the planning process to ensure that your application has the best chance of gaining permission. And by hiring us to create your building regulations, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that inspections from the local authority will not bring up any problems. After all, the last thing you want is for an inspection to take place which requires you to stop building or make drastic changes when you least expect it. 

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