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If you’re reaching full capacity in your home, or feel like it needs a refresh, then you might be considering a home extension or renovation in Southampton, Winchester or Eastleigh, so that you can stay in the same place and maintain the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to. There are many types of home extension you can have. It could be your loft or you could have a rear extension or a side extension. It could be one storey or two storeys. And a renovation will depend on the current condition of your home / property.

The choice is yours, but each one comes with costs and requirements. You will also need to get planning permission for it. Home extensions are a massive commitment because they will affect the way you live, the value of your property, and its appearance. Renovations are not quite as disruptive but are still significant. That’s why it’s important to use a local architect to get all of the paperwork and designs done properly. 

Here at KS Design Studios, we can help you to get the right plans made for any type of extension. We will talk with you about the specifics of what you’d like to accomplish, the purpose of your project, along with discussing any special requirements that you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a lot of questions that people ask about home extensions, so we have selected the most important and given you the answers here.

Do I need an architect for an extension?

Yes, you will. The complexity of the designs, the necessity of getting planning permission, and the details of building regulations mean that you’ll need professional advice.

How much do architects charge for an extension?

Architects sometimes take a percentage of the entire cost of your project, and this will depend on what type of extension you are having, the cost of the materials you are using, and your location. Architects performing home extension plans can also charge a one-off fee – so the short answer is that it will depend on your unique home and the architect you choose. 

How much does a single-storey or 2-storey extension cost?

The cost of a one storey or 2-storey extension in the UK will depend on the overall floor space. For an estimate please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

Is it worth getting an architect for a home extension?

Yes, it is as they will be able to visualise what you want out of a home extension and show you on paper what it could look like. They will more than pay for themselves in terms of the money, time, and effort you save compared to trying to do it on your own. Local authorities can order you to demolish extensions if they don’t think the rules have been followed.

How much does it cost to have plans drawn for a house extension?

Fees for extension plans – it is difficult to give a precise range because it will depend on the complexity of the project, and what specific tasks you have commissioned the architect to do.

I’m looking for an architect for a home extension in Hampshire – What areas do you cover?

For renovations and home extensions in Hampshire we cover: 
– Southampton
– Winchester
– Eastleigh
– Portsmouth
– and surrounding towns

How long does it take an architect to draw extension plans?

This is also something that will vary based on the specific details of your projects. Each plan does require very close attention to detail, so it won’t be something you get back within a day or two, but at the most, it should take a few weeks.

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