Architectural Services for New Builds

One of the biggest building projects that you can undertake is to create a new house from scratch on a patch of land. Not only do you need to plan it properly, but you’ll also need to budget for it, ensure the design meets all of your needs for many years into the future, pass through the complicated field of planning permission and building regulations, and project manage the construction.  This can make it seem like a very daunting undertaking, and you would be correct if you were thinking that. 

But there is a way for you to make it easier, and that’s to hire an architectural technologist like KS Design Studios to deal with all of the plans, drawings, and designs, as well as being able to deal with managing the project. Once we take the weight off your shoulders and delegate important tasks to those with the experience to get them done to a high standard, it will make your life much easier. 

Our process works as follows. We will meet with you physically or virtually to gain an understanding of what you’d like to achieve. This means asking you plenty of questions about your new build home. Then we will set to work on making plans for your new build over the next few weeks. We will then finalise these with you, before submitting them to the authorities. Once that is done, we will await approval. After that, we can help you manage the construction project to ensure the designs and drawings are followed exactly as they should be. 

This is a great choice for you if you lack the time and skills to deal with everything by yourself but still need to get the work completed. There are a lot of small things that we keep track of when building a new house that you may not have thought of. The prevailing wind, the local environment & vegetation and the angle of the sun are just some of the external considerations we keep in mind. Some of the internal ones include making sure your new home is proportionate and symmetrical. And by hiring an architectural technologist, you can keep the costs down because we can select materials that are tailored to your budget, which makes affording your new build much less of a challenge. 

All of these different elements need to come together to create a new build that stands the test of time and meets your needs for potentially decades to come. It’s a serious and important moment in anyone’s life, and that’s why we are here to help you get it right. 

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A boutique design studio created 2 years ago by Keira Soares. With over a decade of architectural and creative experience. Specialising in residential architectural planning and having a passion for graphic design.

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